Embark on a journey through history at Fort Point, a majestic fortress standing sentinel beneath the iconic Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. With its rugged stone walls and commanding views of the bay, Fort Point provides a captivating backdrop for a photoshoot that merges the strength of the past with the timeless allure of the present. Explore the labyrinthine chambers, climb the weathered staircases, and let the waves crashing against the fortress walls become the soundtrack to your timeless images. This historic landmark offers a rich tapestry of architectural grandeur and natural beauty, creating an evocative setting where the echoes of bygone eras come to life. Capture the spirit of resilience and legacy in a photoshoot that unfolds against the backdrop of Fort Point's storied walls, where each frame tells a tale of enduring strength and enduring beauty.

Let's plan to meeting in the parking lot outside of the Fort. The parking lot may be full, especially on the weekend. You may have to park closer to Crissy Field. Please plan for potential parking delays. I am usually onsite 15-30 minutes before a shoot. If you arrive early shoot me a text so we can meet up and possibly start early. You can reach me at 415-745-1021.

Please arrive photo ready, the shot starts and ends at the agreed time. Due to scheduling I am not able to accomodate staying later due to late arrivals. Build in extra time to traffic delays, fashion emergencies, and parking disasters.

Let's meet at the parking lot of Fort Point

Additional parking is about a 10 minute walk from Fort Point.

Street View of the meeting location

Text/Call me when you arrive 415-745-1021