#1 Think on your feet

Posing starts from the feet up. For the guys, feet shoulder-width apart communicate a strong and masculine stance. For the ladies, put your weight on the foot furthest from the camera and bend the knee closest to the camera. This will do two things: make your hips look smaller and give your body extra curves.

#2 - What about my hands?

This is the most common question I get during an engagement session, and the answer is easy: they should go on your favorite person. :-)

If you find that your hands are idle, for the guys, it's easy to put them in your pocket. For the girls, there are a few options. Placing your hand on your waist adds curves and gives you the bonus of thinner-looking arms. Another option is to place your hand on your thigh and then bend your elbow. If you are wearing a dress, you can always hold your dress, coat, or hat.

The good news is you don't have to remember to think about it. I will help you determine the best place to put your hands depending on the location or situation.

#3 - Get close and comfortable

Be sure to brush your teeth before your engagement session because you are about to get up close and personal with your future spouse. Nothing communicates love and longing like being close to each other. Even if you are not a couple that normally shows affection in public, your engagement pictures should be an exception.

#4 - To kiss or not to kiss

During your engagement session, I will ask you to kiss on the lips at least once or twice, but what I will ask for more often are forehead and cheek kisses. While I find these moments sweet and love the way they translate into pictures, you have to be careful with how you pose your face. Avoid puckering up for the kiss. Simply put, when giving your fiancé that sweet kiss, gently press your lips on their cheek, forehead, or wherever you are giving them a kiss.

If you are going in for the kiss, an even better option than a kiss on the lips is the "almost kiss." Take a moment to pause and build the anticipation of the kiss before actually going in for it. Trust me, this looks great in pictures.

#5 - Love, laugh, and enjoy

Some of the best pictures are not posed; they are candid and spontaneous. One of my favorite tricks for capturing candid moments is to have my couples walk. Other prompts to evoke those wonderful candid moments include telling him a joke, sharing your favorite breakfast cereal in your sexiest voice, or playfully attacking her with kisses. Don't get too caught up in posing and simply enjoy your session. Let me take care of placing your feet and hands and finding the right angles.