Stow Lake

Meeting location and Instructions

Stow Lake is a man-made lake with an island in the middle, tucked away in Golden Gate Park. This charming little lake, with its pedal boats, waterfall and Chinese pavilion, is one of the locals' favorite places. This popular place offers a wide variety in picture opportunities. It can be a popular place for tourists and locals, we will work around people to give you pictures that make it look like you had the whole place to yourself.

I am usually on location 15-30 minutes early if you arrive early and are anxious to get started you can call/text me and I will meet you at our meeting location. My number is 415-745-1021.

Due to the current restrictions I will be wearing a mask the entire shoot you, do not need to wear a mask since we will be keeping our distance as much as possible, but if you would like to wear it while we move from place to place you are welcome to.

Let's meet by the Boat House.

You will want to enter in your GPS directions to the Stow Lake Boat House. There is a small parking lot next to the boat house. If this parking lot is full continue down Stow Lake Drive and park along the street. There is usually plenty of parking on this street.

Street view of the parking lot behind the Stow Lake Boat House.