Crissy Field

Crissy Field is a scenic location, it features iconic views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay. There are several options for for different looks in your pictures, beach, grass fields, concrete steps, etc. This is an open area and shade and be a little hard to find. I would only recommend scheduling a shoot no more than two hours before sunset for optimal lighting.

Please keep in mind that the city is prone to fog and there may be times that Golden Gate Bridge is covered in fog and not visible. This area also tends to be windy, please plan accordingly with hair and wardrobe.

I am usually on location 15-30 minutes early if you arrive early and are anxious to get started you can call/text me and I will meet you at our meeting location. My number is 915-274-7495

Let's plan to meet at the parking lot in front of Stilwell Hall

Please note this is a paid parking lot.

There is additional parking just down the street by Fort Point Production Brewery.

The street view the parking lot we will meet at.