When it comes to selecting a wedding photographer there are at least four things you should consider and those are: portfolio, planning and communication, personality, and reviews.


The most obvious and quickest answer is a portfolio you love, but there is a lot more that goes into wedding photography than a few images that are carefully curated. When choosing when looking at a photographer's portfolio you will want to consider two things style and type. Style refers to the way the pictures are edited and the light the photographer prefers to work in. Some popular styles are vintage, dark and moody, classic and colorful, and light and airy. Below are some examples of editing styles, please note that these are not my pictures.

Dark and Moody

This style of photography focus on shadows and light to create drama and is edited with warm tones and high contrast.


Vintage photographers often use film cameras that provide a nostalgic appeal. Photos are often grainy with sepia tones.

Light and Airy

This style is characterized by bight photos with low saturation and cool skin tones. This makes for pictures that look heavenly.

Classic and Colorful

This style is my absolute favorite. This is true to life images with natural and warm skin tones. This editing style provides true to life images that will stand the test of time.

The next thing to consider when selecting a wedding photographer is the type of photography. This is the way the picture is taken and how you are posed. Some popular styles are photojournalistic, editorial, romantic, and fine art.

Photojournalistic wedding photography is just what it sounds like, a journalistic approach to wedding photography. The photographer is focused on capturing the events as they unfold with little to no interference. This style will appeal to couples who do not want to be posed or for their wedding to be a big production event.

Editorial wedding photography is stylized to look like the cover of a magazine. There is often the use of off camera lighting and effects to produce imagines that are highly curated and styled. This is great of couples who want their pictures to be unique and often surreal.

Romantic wedding photography focuses on the couple. This type of photography will produce images that are very intimate. Often couples are kissing or snuggled up together. This type is best for couples who loved being close to each other and quiet and intimate moments.

Fine Art wedding photographers are photographers that are highly skilled in posing. Their pictures will look like a piece of art worthy of a art gallery. They carefully curate backgrounds and meticulously pose couples for optimal angles style. This works prefect for couples that are comfortable being posed and prepared to take direction from their photographer.

Help Planning and Communication

Wedding photographers know a thing or two because they have seen a thing or two. When selecting a wedding photographer you will want to find someone who is a good listener and who takes a genuine interest in your wedding plans. Some of the items that your wedding photographer can help you with are venue, lighting, time of day, the number of people you want to capture and how long it will take, and your wedding day schedule. If there is anything that you are unsure about to not hesitate to ask. Your wedding photographer will also be the person who will keep you on schedule and be with you the whole day to keep you on schedule and advise you throughout the day.

You click!

Your wedding photographer will be the one vendor that will be with you throughout the majority of your wedding day, even more than you will be spending your beloved. You will want to select a wedding photographer who you would naturally become friends with. You have to appreciate their sense of humor and be comfortable with them. Don't skip a face to face meeting with your wedding photographer. Zoom meetings are a good substitute if a face to face meeting is not possible.

The complete package

You will want to make sure that everything that a photographer says they are is true. There are a couple of ways that check this. First, you will want to ask for testimonials or look for reviews on places like TheKnot.com and WeddingWire.com or Google. This will give you insight into what couples are saying about the services your prospective photographer offers. Also, you will want to ask for a full client gallery. While a photographer's portfolio will give you a sense of the best pictures that they will take a full wedding gallery will be insight into what you can expect from your full gallery.