Lands End / Sutro Baths

Meeting location and Instructions

Sutro Baths and Lands End are two breathtakingly beautiful and historically significant sites located in San Francisco, California. Sutro Baths is a long-abandoned indoor swimming pool complex built in the late 19th century, originally designed to be the largest indoor swimming facility in the world. Despite being destroyed by a fire in the 1960s, the ruins of Sutro Baths remain a popular tourist attraction and offer stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Lands End, located adjacent to Sutro Baths, is a rugged and picturesque stretch of coastline that offers some of the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge in the city.

I am usually on location 15-30 minutes early if you arrive early and are anxious to get started you can call/text me and I will meet you at our meeting location. My number is 915-274-7495.

Let's meet by the in the parking lot at by the Lands End Lookout

You will want to enter instructions in your GPS to the Lands End Lookout.

Street view of the meeting location.